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Havit, Inc. Projects

Domestic & International

New Development Project by Havit, Inc.

Our expertise lies in horizontal development including land acquisition, master planning management, entitlements, and obtainment of planning permissions. Our 20 years’ experience in commercial real estate, leasing, sales, and developments gives us a profound understanding of the built environment and its operations.

Havit Inc. Domestic Projects

Ongoing Projects:
AECOM - Prince George’s County, MD

AECOM is the world’s premier infrastructure firm, partnering with clients to solve the world’s most complex challenges ranging from providing clean water solutions to improving skylines. Havit Inc represents AECOM in Prince George’s County MD as its business development consultant.

Havit Inc. International Projects

Ongoing Projects:
Hospitality Concept & Allied Services Inc. - Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria In Partnership with Hospitality Concept & Allied Services Inc.

Hilton - Monrovia, Liberia

Hilton Monrovia, Liberia In Partnership with Hospitality Concept & Allied Services Inc. Land preparation and soil test have commenced and Construction to begin 2020 Q4. All agreements in place.

Fouta Corporation - Liberia

Project financing for USD $30 million and establishing a USD $25 million Line of Credit for Fouta Corporation to fund the development of a cement plant in Liberia.

Conex Petroleum Services, Inc. - Liberia.

Establishing USD $10 million Line of Credit for Conex Petroleum Services, Inc. to fund the importation of refined petroleum products to Liberia.

JOSHOB Construction Company Limited - Ghana

Securing USD $35 million medium term loan for JOSHOB Construction Company Limited for the construction of Ghana road infrastructure.

Kailondo Petroleum, Inc. - Liberia

Establishing USD $5 million Line of Credit for Kailondo Petroleum, Inc. to fund importation of finished petroleum products to Liberia through trade finance funding.

Sethi Brothers, Inc. - Liberia.

Project financing of Sethi Brothers, Inc. for USD $200 million to fund development of a steel plant in Liberia.

Vihama Energy Company Ltd. - Ghana.

Project financing of Vihama Energy Company Ltd. for USD $25 million to be used to fund development of an oil tank farm (Tema Oil Terminal Project) in Ghana.

Nexium Petroleum Limited

Havit Inc. is in the process of arranging a $5 million Line of Credit on behalf of Nexium Petroleum Limited.

East International Group - Liberia

Havit Inc. arranged the Government of Liberia RIA Airport Road project financing in the amount of $116 million dollars for East International Group

Gas Energy Solutions GmbH

$119 million Joint Venture arrangement with Gas Energy Solutions GmbH to develop and finance Sudanese Thermal Power Generation Co.’s 240 MW Gas Turbine project

Havit Inc. International Projects

Proposed Projects:
Republic of Burundi

Havit Inc has received an official invitation from the government of the Republic of Burundi to present global business solutions to help SMEs succeed and enhance the nation’s economic strategy, encouraging direct foreign investment.

Havit Inc. International Projects

Completed Projects:
East International Group - Liberia

Project financing of East International Group for USD $11.2 million dollars from AFREXIMBANK for construction of 19.9 km road.

Liberian Bankers Association

Liberian Bankers Association – Havit Inc. arranged a $65 million bond discount facility, which was approved.

Bond Discounting Facility on 80% face value of USD $65.22 million bonds for selected members of the Liberian Bankers Association (LBA)

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    Havit Inc provides strategic advisory, financial marketing, and capital sourcing services to medium and large-sized businesses at every stage of their business development, across the globe.

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